Selling department
We live in a time where the common trend among many companies seems to be to grasp every chance to trade merchandise they stumble over, with a shattered focus as inevitable result.
We do all recognize it; the supermarkets mix of kitchen equipments, home electronics and computers or the local radio- and TV-shop that mix car stereos with fireworks. The result is often bad service, undevoted support and low competence in respective field.

Due to the fact that we as a IT-consultant deal with companies instead of private consumers means that Your company always gets the best support backed up with knowledge from both university and longterm business. We do not compromise with the terms stability and reliability - with us Your company gets a serious business partner that gives support and help to maintain a serious business.
Take Your business seriously and hire an expert for companies - Ask for knowledge!

We sell quality products and total solutions with the ability to develop our own solution customized for Your company if there are none on the market that fill our demands. This together with the fact that IdéKonsult doesn't have a physical store means that Your company always gets products of latest model and date.

"Total solutions"
With your functionality description we can get you a total solution for your company. Get in touch with us and tell us witch function in your company you want a solution on.

You can buy software from most of the well-known brands: Adobe, Corel, Hogia, Microsoft, Norman, SPCS, Symantec and so on. You can also buy applications special made by us for you. (See IdéKonsults department for software development)
Get in touch with us to get a updated price on the product you wish to buy.

We sell computers and printers, scanners and so on, from different well known manufacturers: 3Com, Dell, HP, Intel, Lexmark, Matrox, Microsoft and so forth. We also have our own brand by the name Ergo.

Get in touch with us with your inquiry.