Software development
One of IdéKonsult's largest departments is software engineering - The department that develops software systems.

IdéKonsult has since the company was founded 1988 developed software. Since 1997 we have a separate department for software development. Through the years a number of systems has been developed here; SeglaLys, ETT, TRapp, TRE, Necesse!, Rose, Tulip, SnapDragon, Faxhanteraren and so on.

The development tools has changed through the years and are now chosen by the customer, the type of system and us.
What language do you want your application to be developed in? C, C++, C#, Delphi, Java, Lisp, Prolog... - It is up to you.

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Application exemples developed by IdéKonsult:

Count - Count events and get statistics. For instance incoming phone calls.
DbStructView - application to document and to get an overview of databases internal structure.
DbView - show and edit databases.
! Necesse! - booking- and planner-system.
Rose - administrative order handling system
SnapDragon - O.S.I.-system
TidREdovisning - Time reporting tool for lawyers.
Tidräkning - A small application that helps calculating time.
  TRapp - Business handling system: Time reporting, knowledge base and invoice module.
Tulip - System for orders and guarantee handling.
VirtuellVäxel - Software to control phone switches.
Voucher - Voucher handling.
1 EtikeTT - Label printing program.
Faxhanteraren - Fax console.
InkomnaFax - Program to show fax.
Telefonsvararen - Phone answering machine.
BussterRapporter - Printing module to Busster
SeglaLYS - System to administrate sailing contests.