The company
The IdéKonsult story begins 1987 when the company founder Hĺkan Karlsson got the idea to start a company specialized in computer consulting with a mission to give advice and support in the fields of economics mixed with computers.
Needing a business partner and having a son studying to become university-trained engineer in the fields of software development that was interested in starting a company in that field, the first cornerstone of IdéKonsult could be settled.

IdéKonsult - Your computer troubleshooter
The company was founded in 1988. Now as then our office is in Mjölby, Östergötland, Sweden. The city is situated in an ideal geographical center point thanks to the short distance to railroad, highway and airport.
Though the two fields economic counselling and customized software in the childhood of IdéKonsult where highly coveted, a broader need for help arose, more of totality solutions, and the campaign: "The only contact you need" was launched. The concept was built on the fact that a company shouldn't have to turn to many different companies to deal with situations that can arise in the daily contact with computers as a tool. The concept proved to be a success where the ability to turn to ONE source that can give a solution for the total picture: recommendations and advice, support and help, knowledge and education and so on, was highly appreciated.

Continuously we have increased our business and "know how" since the start and today we have customers all over the Nordic countries and especially in Sweden where our customers are spread from Haparanda in the north to Ystad in the south.
Thanks to the Internet our web of partners has expanded and today we have contacts all around the globe.
The four cornerstones of IdéKonsult are now: Development, Support, Education and Selling.

The Future
With pride we sometimes point out that "...we only work with IT...". And that's a truth that is easy to bring to the future. Regardless of the speed of time we always will be able to guarantee a personal service, devoted support and great competence in our field. We are focused - We are computer consultants.

Welcome to see that the idea holds...